Fast Forward Two Years

Wow, two years have flown by and I have completely abandoned my journal.  I went to comment on a fellow wordpress bloggers site, which of course logged me into mine.  Out of nostalgia I decided to take a peek and could not believe that my last update was TWO YEARS ago!  I know why I abandoned this journal… I thought that my purpose for it was offering hope during my pregnancy after HELLP syndrome and of course, I’m not pregnant nor plan on ever being pregnant again.  But as I looked more closely, I realized that the purpose was and still is to offer HOPE.  Not for the fear of reoccurrence of HELLP but rather hope within life’s difficult circumstances.  Has life now been rosy in these last two years? No way.  Has our home been perfect?  My boys angels?  Our income secure? No, no, and no.  Has Jesus been the same yesterday, today, and forever? YES and thank you, Jesus, for that!

I am sure that my readers have since moved on, encouraged by my uneventful pregnancy with hope for one for themselves.  I may be writing to no one other than myself, but I too need hope in my life and I continue to have hope to share.  So here I am.

Here is a brief run down from the past two years, future posts to follow:

2013: This was a year of uncertainty with work.  We had a very sudden and unexpected job change which moved us once again.  Fortunately, God took us back “home” to where Matt and I met and married.

2014:  This year has been one of many trials, losses, and hardships.  My grandmother passed away after a long, difficult illness and my sister-in-law died tragically.  I had a partial thyroidectomy, since causing additional health issues.  Work for Matt has once again become full of uncertainty. Fortunately good reports about the little boys: My HELLP baby turned 5, struggles with low iron but otherwise a healthy and smart kindergartener! My HELLP free baby is now 3 and has more energy than I thought possible.

Even though we have faced many sorrows this year, I don’t have to live in despair or fear of the future.  In the midst of the difficult times, I easily forget what God has already done for my family.  Why would He abandon me now?  I’m thankful to be able to look back on my own experiences (my HELLP Story) and see how great God has provided.  With these reminders, I find contentment with where I am and have hope for tomorrow.

For today, I leave you with this simple verse:

“In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.” Psalm 25:1

Because of this I have hope.


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