My current schedule is seeing either my OB or the Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors every week.  Last week my appointment was with my OB.  Once again a very routine appointment of being monitored…. great BP numbers, no protein in my urine, and a non-stress test revealing a very active baby.  For this week’s appointment, I saw the specialist.  Ultrasound revealed that everything looks great… placenta and blood flow are good, plenty of amniotic fluid, and baby is nicely tucked in there positioned for delivery.  Another non-stress test revealed mild contractions that I don’t even feel.  The best news is that the MFM doctor doesn’t think it is necessary for me to see him anymore!!  I am showing no signs of preeclampsia and Baby looks GREAT, so unless something arises I’ve been cleared by him to just see my OB.  I walked out of there on Cloud 9! 

The joy lasted for most of the day until I received a call from a nurse later that afternoon.  The doctor was looking over my latest blood work results and found that I have MTHFR.  I am still a little unclear as to exactly what this is and have a lot of questions that I’ll have my OB address at my next appointment.  From my basic understanding, it is a mutation which makes it difficult for my body to absorb folic acid and can cause blood clots.  I am to start taking baby aspirin and more folic acid daily.  This is to prevent blood clots in the placenta and to give the baby the proper amount of folic acid. 

Initially my mind jumps to the worst conclusions and allows fear to arise.  Googling MTHFR doesn’t help.  The technical websites aren’t very clear as to what this means for my pregnancy and if and how it relates to HELLPs, and the forums only reveal worst case scenarios.  Sometimes online research isn’t a good idea.  After sharing the news with my husband and giving myself time to process the information, I am thankful that this was revealed now.  Even though it seems late in the pregnancy as I am now 34 1/2 weeks along, it isn’t too late to do something about it.  Also, I may have always had MTHFR and I didn’t have any issues with blood clots in my pregnancy with Levi and he doesn’t have any birth defects.  I have always trusted that God will see us through this pregnancy and that He has a plan for Baby’s life, so why should I doubt that now.  One interesting bit of info I read online is that MTHFR has been associated with preeclampsia.  Something I will have to also ask my doctor about.  Even though MTHFR can not be ignored, the specialist is still ok with me just going to my OB.  Another positive sign that this isn’t something I should lose sleep over and I should just enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy.  I am definitely getting excited to be able to hold Baby in my arms rather than in my belly!


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