Celebrating the Great Things in Life

This past weekend was full of celebrations:  6 years of marriage and Levi’s 2nd birthday!  But on top of these wonderful events, I personally celebrated joy and freedom.  The year before around the time of Levi’s 1st birthday, I was still struggling with healing from the trauma of having had HELLP syndrome and was mourning the decision we had already made not to have any more children.  It was during that time period when God had softened our hearts to the idea that just maybe we could have another child of our own.  What a difference a year makes!  Here I am 32 weeks pregnant and have freedom from fear of HELLPs!!

Levi’s birthday was so much fun!  I was concerned having just moved that it wouldn’t be special, but what is more special than his guests being both set of grandparents.  We are so blessed that our parents have great marriages and have been married for over 40 years each!  They definitely loved on Levi and spoiled him rotten… but I don’t care because that’s the benefit of being Pops, Grandma, Bubba, and Gigi.

Matt and I haven’t done anything special for our anniversary, but sometime soon we will take the opportunity to go on a nice date.  Just being together in our own home once again was special enough.  Having been apart for 2 months, our priorities have changed… no need for gifts, writing sentiments in a card isn’t a big deal, fancy dinner out isn’t that important… just being together and verbally expressing our love and appreciation for one another was enough. 

Sunday was our first day in the new house alone as a family.  It was so great to have my in-laws here to help us get settled but it is going to be nice to back into our own family routine (even if it means I have to start cooking and cleaning again). 🙂 

Monday morning I dropped Levi off at my parents and went to my first appointment with my new specialist.  The part I always love the most is having an ultrasound done!  Baby is looking so good.  Estimated weight is 4lbs 13oz.  They ordered another full blood workup and today I’m doing another 24 urine test.  It is comforting to know that I am closely monitored but I am not concerned about the results coming back.  They also did a non-stress test on me.  This was a first for me.  I’ve never been this pregnant!  I enjoyed relaxing in a chair listening to Baby’s heartbeat and watching him push on the top monitor on my belly.  After awhile I noticed that whenever he was pushing and wiggling, the second number on the monitor would go up.  I didn’t know what this number was tracking and assumed it must have something to do with fetal movement.  Later when the nurse came in after having looked at the readouts, she asked me if I could feel the contractions.  What!  Contractions?  I had no idea.  Apparently the baby was reacting to my contractions, or his movements were causing a sensitive uterus to contract.  I don’t really know, and they didn’t seem concerned by this at all.  I have to admit that the contractions made me very happy.  It’s nice to know that my body is reacting normally to pregnancy and it gives me hope that I may be able to actually experience my son’s birth this time around.  Overall I’m feeling good… normal aches and pains of having a huge belly, but good.  All the more reason to celebrate!

Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”


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