31 Weeks

In about 5 hours, I will officially be pregnant longer than I’ve been before.  For the last couple of days, this has been constantly on my mind.  As I look at my huge belly, I know exactly what the baby looks like… no baby fat, just over 3lbs, around 16 inches long.  Actually this baby may be a bit bigger at this point as my belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead.  Here is a picture of Levi at only a few hours old.

I am very thankful to God that I have made it this far along without any complications or symptoms of HELLP Syndrome.  31 weeks is incredibly significant to me and I am so excited to move past this week and onto full term!

I am overdue in updating about my first doctor’s appointment with my new doctor.  I met with her 2 weeks ago and was very impressed.  It was clear that she had familiarized herself with my medical records.  Her only current concern is that even though I do not have gestational diabetes, I am borderline with my numbers.  Therefore I need to lay off the sweets so that the baby doesn’t get too big.  Definitely difficult to do as this baby craves sweets!  We also discussed delivery options.  She said that I am a prime candidate for a VBAC and if there isn’t any reason for the baby to be born preterm, I could have a vaginal delivery.  This excites me as my previous two doctors don’t recommend their patients going beyond 39 weeks, therefore increasing the risk of being induced.  Matt and I had already decided not to do a VBAC with the risk of being induced before my body is ready, going through labor, and then having a c-section anyway.  But if we are going to let nature take its course, then I am definitely willing to do a VBAC.  The only other significant thing about my appointment was turning in my 24 hour urine test and having my blood drawn.  A few days ago I received a call from the nurse with the results.  My first reaction was GULP, what’s wrong?  And the response… low potassium, eat a banana daily.  YAY!!  I think I can handle that.  I love bananas! 

Tomorrow is going to be a great 4th of July with many reasons to celebrate.  I live in a great country.  I love an awesome God.  I’ve been given life, children, and an incredible husband.  I have the most supportive family. 

 31 weeks, 3 days and counting!


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