Feeling the Love

Contentment has been a big part of my life in the past 7 weeks.  Living apart as a family in the midst of this move and facing the trials of a high risk pregnancy have not been easy, but God has blessed me with peace.  I’ve been able to focus on the positives and look forward to the future.  Even though this has been true, each week it has become a little bit more difficult.  Now that all the work is done is selling and buying our homes and I’ve made time to catch up with old friends, I’m left waiting.  Waiting to move, waiting to be back with my husband, waiting to start with my new doctor, waiting to set up house, waiting for the baby, just waiting.  The contentment began to slip away, my spirit was low, and my emotions were high.

Thankfully God knew exactly what I needed.  LOVE.  Love from friends and love from my husband, Matt.  Last weekend I received exactly what I needed to get me through the last two weeks of my stay here.  Friday night as I chatted with Matt on the phone, I casually asked him what he was up to that evening.  He paused and then changed subjects.  A while later I again asked him if he was driving to or from his current home.  Short response in, “Away.”  Now I know that Matt likes to have his surprises and usually I don’t pressure him into real answers because I have ruined many sweet things he was doing for me by making him talk, but I wasn’t in the mood for such games that night.  Finally he says, “I’m on my way to see you.”  I laughed it off and said, “Yeah right” and we kept on chatting.  A few minutes later he said, “I’m at mile marker 335.”  And finally I realized that it was true… he actually was coming to see me and Levi!!  I immediately started bawling, unable to stop the tears, so incredibly touched that he was willing to drive 9 hours straight after a day of work to spend a day and a half with us.  The next morning when Levi woke up in his crib, he wiggled with joy as his daddy entered the room to get him up.  It had been 6 weeks since they had been together.

Saturday was a busy day for me and having Matt in town only increased the joy of the day.  I had a scheduled maternity photoshoot that morning with a good friend.  It was going to be a surprise for Matt for Father’s Day but now he was able to be in the pictures with us.  Later that afternoon, a friend from church hosted a babyshower for myself and two of my girlfriends who are also pregnant.  I was so touched that she wanted to include me.  This being a second child and already having all of the stuff we need, I didn’t expect to have a shower.   It’s so great to be pregnant with close friends and be able to share in these life experiences together. 

Sunday was spent at church, lunch with a dear friend and her son, and then relaxing together as a family before Matt had to fly back home.  His departure didn’t leave me sad but rather appreciative of his sacrifice and our time together.  Once again contentment was back in its rightful place. 

Even though this week has had its challenges with my own health and now Levi is fighting a fever, I feel joy, excitement, and love.  I’m excited to move.  I’m happy with life.  I’m in love with my family!  Life is good!!  God is great!!!


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