On the Lookout for HELLPS

I am incredibly overdue on writing an update.  The past 3 weeks have been filled with entertaining an active toddler, taking naps, seeing friends, setting up utilities, boxing up items, work projects, a baby shower, a doctor’s appointment, a suprise visit from the hubby and so much more.  Any down time has been spent resting and trying not to think.  Even now I should be going to bed, but this too is on my to-do list. 

Last week I had my glucose test followed by a doctor’s appointment.  I was nervous about this test because I did not pass it with Levi and had to do the dreaded 3 hour test.  I’ve also been craving sweets and pastries.. another reason to be nervous about having my blood sugar levels checked.  So far this week, I have not heard the results.  No news is good news!  This appointment was also my last scheduled one with the transition doctor.  As mentioned before, I was annoyed by her lack of concern from my first appointment, but this time around I was surprised by her being overly concerned.  No protein in my urine, good BP numbers, ok weight gain (7 lbs in a month, probably due to the pastries), no swelling, but she was concerned that I wasn’t scheduled to have my 24 hour urine test done in my 28th week (a week later).  After some deliberating, I decided to decline coming back so soon for the test and opting to do it at the beginning of 29 weeks with my new doctor.  As I drove away, I began to doubt my decision.  Wondering if it was the best thing, even though I have been feeling good and am not showing any signs of preeclampsia.  After talking with my husband and parents, I’m feeling much more confident that I made the right decision and will be taking the test less than a week later anyway. 

Now on to yesterday… I had a terrible day!  Felt nauseous in the morning and a persistent headache all day.  The headache, of course, is a reason to be concerned that something might be developing.  With Tylenol and a nap, it didn’t go away.  It felt just like a caffeine headache, where if I only would drink a Coke I’d feel better.  Once again I decided to just pay close attention and if it became severe I’d call the doctor, but it stayed mild so I rested a lot throughout the day, canceled a playdate, and took advantage of having my parents care for Levi.  This morning when I woke up (after probably the best nights sleep since becoming pregnant), I found myself with a stuffed up nose.  I felt relief in realizing that I have a slight head cold.  As the day has gone on, I have been feeling so much better with the headache subsiding and the congestion dwindling.  I know that it is important for me to watch my symptoms and react appropriately, but I am thankful that I didn’t let my emotions get the better of me yesterday and overreact to a head cold.  Keeping my stress level low is a priority and I’m so thankful that I stayed calm and waited to see if things got worse.  I know that when I had HELLPS, God gave me the discernment to know how to appropriately react and I went to the hospital after I started feeling better.  If I hadn’t gone then, I may not have made it to my doctor’s appointment the next morning.  I know that He is doing the same with me now. 

I’m just a few days away from the 3rd trimester and have already been feeling the tiredness, heavy belly, achy back, heartburn symptoms that come along with it.  Even though the fun 2nd trimester is ending, I am so grateful to be doing so well and will happily take on all of the aches and pains in order to carry this baby to full term.  He has grown so active and I just love watching my belly roll as he takes on his nightly routine of stretching and kicking.  My Honey Bee is more of a rumble, tumble Bumble Bee.

I appreciate all of the prayers from family and friends as I know that God is listening and blessing me with healthy pregnancy.  3 weeks until 31 weeks (when I was diagnosed with HELLPS with Levi) and I’m not living in fear!  1 week until I move… so excited to be back together as a family in our new home.  12 weeks until my due date!!  I’m just going to “keep on keeping on” and allow God to do the rest.


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