The Transition Doctor

During this time of transition, with Matt already working at the new location and us waiting for the house to sell, Levi and I have moved in with my parents.  This gives me considerable amount of help with a very active toddler and someone around if any complications arise in the pregnancy.  Since we are now at our own new location, this means being under a new doctor’s care.  Fortunately my parents live where we use to live when I was pregnant with Levi, so back to the old clinic I go. 

Today was my first appointment.  I am thankful that the clinic was understanding and had no issue of taking me back on in the middle of a high risk pregnancy.  The OB coordinator and financial counselor were very cooperative, understanding the situation that I am in, and accepting that I may only being coming for a short while.  The nurse seemed confused that I was already almost 23 weeks along and seeing the doctor for the first time.  She was sweet but it took her awhile to know how to proceed with the appointment… was I to have an ultrasound?  how about the exam that usually comes with the first appointment?  To me it was just a basic appointment…. weight, urine test, blood pressure, and have the doctor listen to the heartbeat and answer any questions.  All that eventually happened without any concerns arising.  The doctor was my only frustration, making me very aware that it is up to me to make sure I receive the level of care that I need.  Even though I was a HELLPS patient of hers less than two years ago, she didn’t remember me.  I felt I had to ask her specific questions to prompt responses of what is next, such as will she do another 24 hour urine test at 28 weeks.  I don’t want to be slotted as just another patient when I know that the further along I get the higher the risk becomes.  Fortunately I had this doctor through my last pregnancy, so her personality is not surprising to me. 

What I have realized today is that I am the one who is most acutely aware of the risks and what my body is doing.  It is up to me to know the signs and to look for them, so that they don’t go unnoticed.  That is why I take my blood pressure daily, look for signs of swelling, watch my weight gain, and know to ask the right questions to prompt the right actions by the doctor.  Having a transition doctor isn’t going to be easy and finding one who will take me on later in the pregnancy and will delivery the baby may be difficult.  But I know that the time frame of my move and when the baby comes is out of my control.  I have to trust that God will continue to work out the details, as He remarkably has already done so far.  I have my moments of frustration, wanting to be in my new home with my family together again and under one doctor’s supervision, but with prayer and talking it out with my husband and friends, my focus returns to the big picture and knowing God is in control. 

Next appointment is at 27 weeks with the glucose test!


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