Oh, the Babymoon.  It was only two weeks ago and yet it feels like it happened a lifetime ago.  We are having some big life changes taking place at the moment and have been running nonstop since being home.  I will update on this new life path soon, but for right now want to reminisce on the week Matt and I shared together.

We are definitely BIG believers in taking a Babymoon.   One last getaway before Baby makes three and in this case, four.  Levi went for a week at Grandparents Camp while Matt and I cruised the Caribbean.  It was wonderful!  No stressful travel days, eating as much as we wanted (an added plus for the pregnant Mama), swimming in clear waters, and shopping for the great deals.

Our goal was to come up with a list of baby names.  This was the same goal we had on our first Babymoon and ended up with only one name we actually liked… Levi (which is the other name for the Jesus’ disciple Matthew).  His middle name came later when I was recovering from Levi’s birth, still fighting HELLPS, and on some strong meds.  Matt wanted me to pick the middle name and so I did!  Actually I had been thinking about Wyatt for some time but made my final decision in the hospital.  Anyway, we did pretty well in coming up with a couple of boy and girl names and was even able to narrow it down to one on each list.  But unless you are family, it won’t be revealed until birth.  Something has to be a surprise!

Being pregnant on a cruise really limited me to what I was able to do.  I couldn’t rock climb, go ice skating, get in the hot tub, or do the majority of the on shore excursions.  We had a little mishap where they let us sign up for a snorkel excursion but once on shore we were told “No.”  It was rather discouraging (a few hormonal tears were shed) but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because our day became fabulous!  We were rebooked to go to a private resort where we had nice lounge chairs, free drinks, paddle boat, and Matt was able to go scuba diving for the first time in his life.  He had a private instructor who took him out to a reef, teaching him what he needed to do, and carefully kept an eye on him as they explored the bottom of the sea.  He loved it and I loved being able to indulge in the sun and relax on shore.  Later we went into town to shop and Matt bought me a beautiful necklace that is my Babymoon souvenir, Mothers Day gift, and Birthday gift all wrapped into one (the reason why will be in a later post).  I love how he is willing to spoil me unexpectedly.

With our stops being in Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico and a few days at sea, we found ourselves relaxed and enjoying being together without the distractions that come with work and children.  I love my husband dearly and am truly blessed by being married to him.  I treasure these moments we have together and am thankful that he also values our marriage.


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