Routine Check-up

This morning was a routine check-up with my OB.  Urine and blood pressure looked good.  I gained 2 lbs in the last month, which is good since I’ve still been struggling with nausea and eating properly.  I was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and that’s about all that happened.  I also received a parting gift… 24 hour urine test kit.  Fun.  I have to do it the day before my next appointment, which is in a month.  This test will be done a few times throughout my pregnancy.  Since protein in the urine is a sign for preeclampsia, they want to monitor it and also do the 24 hour test (not just the single sample in the office) to know how much urine I am producing in a day and how much protein is eliminated in a day.  I expect this test to come back normal.  Preecalmpsia usually doesn’t show signs until after 20 weeks and in my case with Levi it wasn’t until around 30 weeks.

Just to inform you, I have been daily monitoring my blood pressure at home.  After Levi goes to bed at night, I sit and relax for 10 minutes before taking my BP.  I’ve been doing this for almost 7 weeks now.  High blood pressure is 140/90, I’ve been averaging 97/58 at home, and it was 100/60 at the doctor’s office today.  So far, so good!


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