12 Weeks

My last week in the 1st trimester!  I am PRAYING that I will feel better, can eat properly, and have more energy all by next weekend.  Please pray with me.  Two straight months of all-day morning sickness and very little energy has worn me thin.  I’d love to feel somewhat normal again.  On a positive note, Honey Bee must be thriving since he or she is enjoying my energy.  All of this makes me feel as though I’ve been a terrible mom to Levi.  I don’t take him on walks or go to the park very often.  Usually we only get out to run errands and pick up a few groceries.  A couple of days ago, we ventured out to the park and I realized why I shouldn’t feel bad that we don’t get there often enough.  I get so worn out chasing Levi around, lifting him into a swing, catching him on the slide… and I remember that I now have two children and have to be taking care of the baby as well.  Fortunately Levi is a rather happy child and is content playing at home.  Hopefully the 2nd trimester will bring more outings for Levi, myself, and the little one in tow.

On a side note, I broken my toe this week doing nothing!  Actually I was washing dishes but didn’t stub it or step on anything.  It just suddenly hurt, swelled up, and turned purple.  It was the strangest thing.  I called my OB, since they are the ones currently monitoring me, and they told me that it sounds like a broken toe.  They recommended to wait 24 hours to see  how it is and go get an x-ray if it isn’t any better.  Matt buddy taped it to another toe and within a couple of days the swelling was down and it has only felt sore since the initial pain.  My first broken bone and another reason to put my feet up and relax!

I have two doctors appointments coming up this week, perinatologist and OB.  Will definitely post an update.  Enjoy your weekend!


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