Restful Week

Levi and I spent last week at my parents’ house with my mom, dad, and grandmother.  They wanted to see their grandson, and I needed a little break.  And a break I got!  They did everything for him (and me). 🙂  They made all the meals, took him to the park and swimming, and even were willing to get up with him in the middle of the night and at his early morning rising!  I definitely got in some much-needed R&R.  It was so wonderful to sleep in and take un-interrupted naps.  I even had the opportunity to lay out in the warm sun and read a fun book which had nothing to do with parenting.  Coming home I felt my mood lifted and my body relaxed.  The week was such a blessing and I am thankful for wonderful parents who have an unconditional love for us.

I’m now at 10 weeks and have definitely popped!  I know that it tends to come earlier in a second pregnancy but I have been feeling full in the stomach for weeks now.  My sister-in-law blessed me with a ton of maternity clothes, so I know that I will be prepared when that stage comes.  I have my first appointment with the perinatologist in two weeks.  I’m looking forward to getting started with them and to find out what their role will entail throughout the pregnancy.  As a side note, we received our first bill from my OB.  Of course it is asking for our deductible which is hefty!  Let the fun begin with bills!  Thankfully we know that God provides… He did so in abundance with all of our bills from Levi’s 5 week stay in the hospital.  It is nice not to have to be concerned about the details and know that God is in control.


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