8 Weeks

First I have to mention that as I write this, Levi is sitting in my lap with a handful of crayons coloring.  Adorable!  I love moments like these and look forward to having two at my side.

Yesterday I had a routine appointment with my OB.  Blood pressure and protein level in my urine were good.  Weight went down 1 1/2 lbs due to my nausea but nothing to be concerned about.  We had an ultrasound and the little Honey Bee is measuring right on schedule and looking like a little shrimp.  The highlight was hearing the heartbeat for the first time.  Levi was sitting in Daddy’s lap just wondering what was happening and when the sound of the heartbeat came on, he started smiling and dancing to the rhythm.  He loves music and I’m glad that he thinks of the baby (at the moment) as a little song. 

At my last appointment, I had to have my blood work done.  The results were in and everything was normal.  That is what I expected, signs for preeclampsia usually don’t show up until after 20 weeks.  It is good to have a baseline as to what my normal is, so that if or when they start dropping, my doctor will know.  Out of curiosity, I asked for my blood platelet number.  This is the only one that I specifically remember when Levi was born.  My current number is 348,000.  When Levi was born and my numbers finally started to rise, my platelets were at 18,000.  It still amazes me at the reality of what we went through and could possibly go through again.  But I know that God is faithful and He has a plan for this child, just has He has a plan for Levi. 

As I finish writing this post, Levi has destroyed the crayon box and tried to eat the crayons.  I switched them out for a snack and trucks.  Oh the life of an 18 month old!  Still looking forward to two. 🙂


4 thoughts on “8 Weeks

  1. Rebekah Paz says:

    I enjoy reading your progress and am praying for you. I know all to well how scary this must be, but God will see you through, just like He did the last time.

  2. nana says:

    You are an inspiration. Thank you writing this journal. even though i don’t have children yet, i still think that being pregnant is not easy. Thnak you for sharing these personal moments with me… God is so big and has a very different plan for each one of us and yet He loves us the same… A Lot!
    My prayer is for God’s will because is the best! And for you to have good 9 months and a healty baby.

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