New Clothes!

Who doesn’t love new clothes?  I know that it is a bit early (7 weeks) but I just bought my first maternity clothes this past week.  Now after having a baby only 18 months ago, you would think that I would have a closet full of them, but I don’t.  My lack of clothes shows the mindset that Matt and I were in just a year ago.  Still reeling from the trauma of Levi’s birth, we were convinced that we wouldn’t have any more kids of our own.  I gave most of it away to my best friend Lyndsey and my sister-in-law Lauren, as they were both having their second.  And I definitely don’t want to get them back as they may be adding to their families in the future.

With only a few pieces in my closet and Matt and I deciding on a budget for new clothes, I decided to browse around online.  Old Navy had some great stuff on clearance and I decided not to wait and possibly be paying full price when I actually need them.  Even though I can’t wear them now, it is so much fun to have a box show up at the door.  I ordered a sleeveless blouse, a long sleeve light-weight henley, and the ever popular little black dress (though it doesn’t look little by any means in a maternity size).  I’m looking forward to having a BIG belly so that I fit into my new clothes!

By the way, I’m working on Levi’s story.  For some reason I am finding it hard to gather my thoughts about those 5 weeks in the NICU and the last 18 months.  Hopefully I will be posting it soon.


4 thoughts on “New Clothes!

  1. Lyndsey Stulp says:

    Don’t buy too much – I told you that you get them back if you get pregnant again! They are all set out…just not sent yet! 🙂 Your new clothes are cute…where did you get them?

    • Lynds, you need them too! Don’t worry about it, I will get by just fine. I kept a few pants and have some tops that are too big for my normal size that will work. Old Navy is adding its Spring line, so there were some good things on clearance.

  2. Bobbie Lindenstein says:

    Hi Amanda – and congrats to all three of you. You may not remember meeting me at the Embers a time or two. Anyway, Dottie gave me your good news recently – how exciting. And one of my grandaughters just had twin girls in Oregon 2 1/2 weeks ago. Best wishes to all of you. Love, Bobbie

    • Thank you Bobbie! We are all very excited and I’m glad that my grandmother was here when we are able to share our good news. Hopefully we will be able to travel up to Storm Lake for a visit sometime next year with the two kids. 🙂

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