Happy New Year!

So last night, I did not stay up until midnight! 🙂  What has happened to me?  Oh yeah, a teething toddler who hasn’t been sleeping well lately and another on the way.  Matt had to be up at 6am for work as well.  So to us, it was just another night.  We enjoyed dinner out with my in-laws, an evening of pinochle, and then off to bed.  Despite the lack of celebrating, I am feeling very festive this morning and excited for this new year!

Even with knowing the risks of having this baby, I am very excited to bring him or her into our family.  My first prenatal appointment is January 10th.   I’m really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat, finding out my due date, and talking over the details of being a high risk pregnancy with the doctor.  Matt and Levi are coming with me, so it will be a family experience.

Date night tonight with the hubby (taking advantage of having his parents in town).  I am excited for tonight and to see what God has planned for us this year.  Happy New Year!


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